Welcome to my graphics pages. These are mostly
backgrounds I've made--some just for the fun of it, and
others while creating something specific I wanted and
couldn't find elsewhere. As I've tried to learn how to get
the most out of the graphics programs I have, I have been
having a lot of fun. I've also developed a lot of respect
for all the 'real' graphic artists out there!

I can't bear to throw things away or let them go to waste, so
rather than let them sit on a disk unused, I thought I'd share
them with anyone who might like to use them.
Anyone can use these images, but please give me credit for them.
Let me know if you use them. If you tell me first you may add
something or add one of these to something you make
(nothing major, please). Put in a link back to me.
Use this logo button for your link on at least one page.
A text link on the page where you use any graphics is ok.

Please e-mail me with your site address so I can see
how they're being used. I'll post your site on a page here.

This page will be revised frequently until I find
a format I like. Until then, you may need to use your browser's
back button. Graphics will be added as I make them,
with no order in mind. Some backgrounds have sets to go
with them. These will be on the page with the full background.
If you don't find what you want on the page, I haven't
made it yet. You can e-mail me and ask for it and
I will be happy to try to accomodate you.

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