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I have often read about people asking writers where they get their ideas. No one's ever asked me, but I don't "get" ideas anyway. Stories come to me begging to be told. So far my ability to get them written doesn't come close to their need to be written. My feeling is that if you have to ask where to get ideas, writing fiction is probably not what you are meant to do.

Still, books on how to write are useful. Just because the stories come to you doesn't mean you know how to write them. Every person who writes a book on how to write has a unique way of doing it (beyond the basics of any wirting). What works for some, doesn't necessarily work for all. Therefore, a sampling of many is definitely in order.

I have 111 (give or take a couple) such books. I didn't buy all of them -- only maybe a third. The rest I inherited from my mom when she switched from writing to painting. I haven't read every one of them, although I've probably read something in most of them. I have copies of most of those listed below. Some are on my wish list.

This is the basics. Every writer should have it.

So I can sell what I write.

I read this a while ago. Lots of ways to get writing.

This is the NaNoWriMo guy! He has a lot of good tips in here.

To work on what I've written, but not yet written well.

On my wish list. It sounds good.

A classic I inherited.

On my wish list. It sounds good.

Another classic I inherited.

A gift -Wonderful even if you don't care to write.

One I enjoy using to generate short shorts.

Got this recently, but have yet to read it.

We used this in my lit class and I was the only one other than the professor who absolutely loved it.