Carrot Pie Delivery

"Baking Day! Baking Day! Today is Carrot Baking Day!"

Mrs. Rabbit sang happily as she put a pie on the windowsill. The sweet aroma of carrot pie filled the house.

"Ring! Ring!" rang the phone.

"Hello," Mrs. Rabbit answered.

"Mrs. Rabbit, this is Mrs. Bunny. Mr. Snowshoe is going to visit our home today. We are very excited. We want to have a very special dinner today. Would you share one of your carrot pies?"

"Of course, Mrs. Bunny. I'd be glad to share one of my pies with you. I'll send Jack over with a pie right now. I hope you have a good visit with Mr. Snowshoe."

Mrs. Rabbit called her oldest son, Jack, into the kitchen.

"Jack, Mrs. Bunny needs this pie right away. Hurry, but don't run. When you get back, I'll have some pie for you."

Jack nodded and left the house, but when Mrs. Rabbit looked out the window, he was running. Mrs. Rabbit waved her arms and called out to him.

"Don't run! Be careful!"

Jack kept running.

Mr. Snowshoe was walking to Mr. and Mrs. Bunny's house. He was enjoying the peace and quiet when...


Jack came zooming by and nearly knocked him down. He wondered why the young rabbit was in such a hurry. Then he smelled the pie.


"Aha, " he thought. "He has stolen someone's pie and is running away with it. I'll try to catch him and teach him not to take pies that aren't his."

Mr. Snowshoe started running after Jack Rabbit. He waved his cane and hollered.

"Stop, Thief! Stop, pie snatcher!"

Mrs. Rabbit was very worried that Jack would trip while he was running and he would hurt himself and Mrs. Bunny wouldn't get her pie. As soon as Mr. Rabbit came home from work, she asked him to drive to Mrs. Bunny's house looking for Jack.

Jack ran up to Mrs. Bunny's door and rang the bell. When Mrs. Bunny answered, Jack told her what happened.

"Mother told me not to run, but I did anyway so that I could get back home and have my pie. While I was running, an old rabbit started to chase me. I think he wants to take the pie away from me. May I stay until he passes?"

"Of course. Come in and I'll give you a piece of pie now."

Mr. Snowshoe was out of breath when he reached the Bunny house. He wasn't used to running. The young rabbit was gone.


"Since I'm where I was going in the first place, I'll give up the chase now."

Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit arrived just then. Mrs. Bunny invited them all in together. Mr. Snowshoe told about the stolen pie and the chase. Mrs. Rabbit tried very hard not to laugh, but she couldn't help it as she told about her running, delivery boy son.

"He won't have any pie tonight because he didn't listen to me."

Then, from the kitchen, appeared the carrot orange grin of a running rabbit named Jack.


The End

2001 F.Shafer Junaid

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