My Fabric Art

More of my FABRIC ARTS can be found on my Needle & Fabric Art blog.

I'm still very new to fabric art. My sister lent me her embroidery and felting machines and I was able to take classes with her to learn to use them. I hope to overcome my procrastination and get some things made. I have the ideas. It's just like anything else. I need to apply myself to it!

What's here today (01/06/'10) is not impressive. I hope to add some small items within this next month and then, maybe, get to work on a more complex project.

Practice Felted Collage
This was my first practice piece, done in class. I was just getting used to the machine and materials.
This is a closeup of the above.
Closeup of Practice Felted Collage
Felted Sunrise (more prtactice)
This was more practice using some different materials. After putting in the gold lam´┐Ż, it looked like a sunrise or sunset, to me, so I played with it until it looked a bit more planned. It wasn't)
I had noticed how the white threads in jeans show when pulled. With this in mind I used the felting machine to create this teddy bear. I added the colored threads, but the white is all from the denim.
Felted Teddy Bear (practice, again)
Stitched and felted Winter Landscape
This was my first actual planned picture. It was inspired by the large sequin that represents the moon. The clouds and snow are cotton. The tree and fence are corderoy. The sky is a lightweight plush and the ground is a suede fabric.

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