This is the season of love... Well, love is actually seasonless, but the people who make calendars need something pleasant to put up there for us to look at. :^) And, of course, there is Valentine's Day.

Here's what it looks like this February in my neck of the woods. I took these pics on Feb. 8, 2002 at about 3 pm. It was a lot warmer than I expected. It was quite cold the last few days, but I guess we're in for another warm streak. Warm streaks here have been known to last from a few hours to the whole winter!(After which we go straight to summer.)

Potted plant
This one looks dead, but it isn't. In another month it will be green and probably flowering.
This forsythia is just beginning to open. I can't tell yet if they will be profuse or not.
Hooray!! Crocus! First folwers of the year.

No hint of green yet, but the bare trees are pretty on a sunny day.

Back to the back hall.

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