This is where I'll show you what I've done to some old furniture I've had
or received and also some new stuff I've purchased. I really enjoy taking
something old (or new) and ugly and making something pretty out of it.
Sometimes it's not as dramatic as that, but it's still fun.

This is a chair that Granniecat
found in a used furniture shop.
It was a sturdy chair, but very
dirty and worn.
That wasn't going
to stop us! I
removed the upholstery
and discovered
it also needed new
cushions and padding.
Here it is in progress.

Judging by the style and
patent date inside, this
table was probably purchased
by my great grandfather.
I had to sand and strip
the old finish. The bare wood
was not all the same color
so I stained it and put
on several coats of poly.
Sadly it lost its 6 leaves,
but I'll replace them
eventually. I'll have a
picture of the finished table soon.
The small shelf on the wall
is not as old but was made
by my other great grandfather.
It has about five different
coats of paint on it that
were all chipped. The red
is the originalcolor. Since
it doesn't go with anything
I have I may repaint it, but
for now I'm using it as it is.

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