In the dark she saw a movement. She had been very alert so it was easy to
catch sight of it. But what was it? She crept slowly, cautiously toward it.
It didn't move again. She sniffed the air. There was nothing unusual. Carefully
she stretched out a paw toward it. She extended her claws and scooped it up. It went flying, trying to get away. It managed to escape her grip and was gone.

She hunkered down and sniffed. There it was. She leaped up and forward and landed on top of it. It struggled ferociously and again went flying, but her keen eyes saw it
land again and she snuck up and pounced again, ever the great hunter.

She heard the master call so she stopped, sat up and cleaned her paws.
Hunting was so messy.

She heard the Kibble bag rattle. Ah, dinnertime! She left the bedraggled cotton and
catnip mouse under the chair and sauntered off to eat.

I had too much fun at this site not to share it. I take credit only for the story above, but if you want to see how it might have been written, click here and copy the story into the text box there.

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