Spring is Back, Again!

Well, that's nothing new. It happens every year, but I'm always so happy to see it come. This past fall I planted pansies in the front, along the driveway and they have faithfully bloomed all winter even thought they were buried in snow for over a week and were iced twice (not counting frosts). Here's what's happening.

March 1: I saw tons of daffodils coming up. Many on the south side have buds already! The rest of the crocus is up, too. Pansies are still in bloom and looking a little less raggedy. My dogwood is covered with buds! It will be very pretty this year. Here and there a phlox has bloomed early...nothing big like it will be.

February 28: I noticed some crocus fading away. I had missed that crop half buried under some leaves. The quince may have lost some buds to the ice, too. I saw a few daffodils.

I love to see things grow and I'm always collecting 
seeds for something.  I have some red amaryllis seeds among my 
more ordinary seeds.  I planted some three years ago and the 
bulbs are doing quite well. My books say that it takes between 
two and seven  years before they will bloom.  Considering that 
it took about five years for my original amaryllis to bloom 
after I repotted it, I guess they're right. They need a hot, 
sunny, continuously moist (but not soggy) soil to get 
started in. After they're about a year old, they're pretty hardy 
as long as they don't drown or totally dry out. Keep them 
outside in the summer and bring them in when temps go below 40F.

I'm willing to share some of these seeds on a first come first serve basis. If anyone is interested, E-mail me for further information, but please be patient. I'll respond as quickly as I can to any inquiries.

Amaryllis Here are a couple of pictures
of the amaryllis in bloom.
(My walls aren't bright green!
I changed the background to make
the flowers show up clearly.)
I'm lucky to have south facing
glass doors to the deck.  Many 
of the pots I have on the deck in 
the summer come into the kitchen, 
in front of those doors, in the 
winter. This is what it looked like
in February.  Those are geraniums 
on the left, petunias on the right.
The tall swordlike leaves in the 
front are the amaryllis.  You can 
see the bare trees out beyond the

After the crocus and forsythia 
have announced spring's arrival,
the redbud, phlox, azalea and 
the cherry turn the world about 
us mostly pink with some blue and 
white along with the new green.
Many of the trees have leafed out.


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