The window corner.

"Her" closet corner. (Husband has a similar one)

The bed.

This room still has a lot of work to be done. We have the smallest bedroom (not counting the room I use as my den) and fitting everything in was a task (4 dressers, 2 bedside tables, a chair and a king sized bed!), but as soon as we did, we were working in other areas of the house. The brown dresser in the 2nd picture needs to be painted to match the others (only with elephants rather than tigers). There's another dresser that has the green paint but not the decorative painting. Also in picture 2, you can see the mirror leaning against the dresser. That also needs to be painted and attached over the lower part of that dresser. On top of that lower side you can see a rather blah looking wad of material. That is mosquito netting. We don't have an unusual problem with the pesky bugs, but since I can't have a canopy, I will have that draped at the head of the bed. As you can see in picture 3, I also need a headboard. Something else we're thinking of doing is having a platform built for the bed. Then we can have some more drawers. If you haven't guessed, the theme of this room is India.