First Looks

The Inside

Here are three views of the living room. I love all the windows.

And we have a real fireplace!

Outside the living room is a deck. This first picture is taken from my den.

These two are taken at each end of the deck.

The Kitchen... The floor is ugly, but it's a good sized room and has enough cupboards.

Out the doors from the kitchen is a redwood deck. Unfortunately some previous owner
painted it and the last owner didn't take care of it. Still, it has great potential.

Here's a vire from the back deck.

Here's a view of the hall to the bedrooms. (My den is the first door on the right.)

This is the master bedroom.

We have a sweet window in there -- at the other end of the wall on Husband's left.

And here's Mom's room.This is the most likely spot for a bed.

The closet. We have two like this in the master bedroom. Aren't they neat?


...was once a separate apartment. Now it's the family room.

And also Son's room.
First you see this mural.

And this one is adjacent to it.

This window is one of three windows he has...

These are the other two. All of them are to the family room, not outside.

And do you notice there were no doors to his room?

The first pictures of the entry, my den, Husband's den and the bathrooms don't show the rooms as a whole, so they are not here.

The Outside

Here's the front door.

To the left...

and to the right.

The view from the front walk across the front and along the driveway.