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It seems like autumn arrived before summer was over. Around here (eastern Virginia) the weather was hot until a couple of weeks ago. The leaves are now turning colors. Once they start, they seem to change quickly! I picked up a few leaves while walking the dog the other day.
This is a gumtree...the brightest red leaves.
The tulip trees are usually the earliest to change color here...to a bright yellow. This year some of the gum trees were yellow, too.

The spicetree and the redbud leaves are yellow as well.

I think this is a maple, but...?

The dogwood is this deep, dark red.

These are oaks...I never know which kind is which.
I don't know what these trees are, but I think I should.

Mums are one of my favorite flowers. I love the fragrance as much as the color. These are some I picked from the gardens today. I learned that although the fragrances are quite similar, different mums have different fragrances.

I picked and scanned
this one earlier this month.
These reds are among the
early mums in my garden.
This is a gallardia,
not a mum or even
particularly a fall
flower, but they're
still going strong
in the garden and have a
nice fall color to them.

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