Updated 1/19/99


I'm working on the first full sized quilt I've ever made. I
bought the material and started cutting 15 years ago. At that
time I realized several mistakes, most notably that not all my
fabric was cotton. Another was bias stretching. Then my son was
born and we moved and it was put away.

A few years ago I got the pieces out and started to piece
them. My patience was not what it used to be. I ended up
zapping them through the sewing machine. Before I was finished,
it was very clear that I wasn't going to get very many matching
points. I gave up in frustration.

Earlier this year I saw all those blocks, finished and
unfinished, taking up space, and I decided I'd put it together
no matter how it fit or, more accurately, how it didn't fit. I
was short four blocks, so I made four solid blocks for the
corners using one of the cotton fabrics I had left. Finding a
backing fabric, which I'd neglected to do way back when, was not
easy. It amazes me how much colors change over the years.

Finally, I found a good match (and not too expensive,
either). I got the batting, connected the blocks as best I
could, and put it all together. Well...It looks good from a
distance or if you squint hard. But please don't take it too
seriously. It's main colors are green and yellow, but I'm
tempted to make a few red arrows to point out where the points
do match! There are so few of them.

Quilting it has been a unique experience as well. This is the
part I enjoy most. On this quilt, it has also been an
interesting challenge. How do you quilt a straight line along a
seam that stairsteps? You don't. You slide or stairstep along
with the seams. Without benefit of the piecing, the quilting on
the back seems rather picassoesque.

It's about half quilted. It should be finished sometime,
and I'll post it's picture here then, whenever it is.
In the meantime, I made a gif to give you an idea of
what the blocks look like. It's the background
here except it's 5 blocks by 6 blocks and the four corners of the
quilt have the green polkadot fabric.
(This one came out better than the fabric one!
I wish that one were done as quickly!)

I finished it!!! Hooray!!! Though not perfect, it doesn't
look too bad. Here it is thrown over the family room sofa.

This is a quilt I made in two days. I get too
impatient and rush things, so it didn't come out
perfect, but I like it anyway and it's nice and
warm to snuggle up under while reading on a cold

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