Ruby's Perch

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Ruby likes the highest perch she can find. Here she's sitting in a second story window.

She loves to be nuzzled, but doesn't like being picked up. I'm not sure if a lot of that isn't from hearing Llyan yowl like she was being tortured when she's picked up. (Actually Llyan loves to be held, but only when she wants to be and apparently only by me.)

She is disappointed in Llyan. All Llyan does is hiss at her. She won't play much or share anything. Ruby let us know her displeasure by peeing in the chairs and then in Llyans bed! I think (I HOPE!) she's over that little snit. They do have truces, however. Sometimes they will play for a few minutes. Here, they can be seen sleeping on the same bed. That's about as close to each other as they will get.

When Kuma came to live with us Ruby was terrified at first. She didn't come out of Alex's room for about two weeks -- and then he kicked her out when he slept. Then she saw that Llyan wasn't afraid of Kuma and decided he's ok. She'll even walk right close to him. Of course, he'll chase them if she runs, but cats are no fun if they don't run and they both have finally figured that one out. (Llyan will turn around and hiss at him and then he's the one who is scared. lol Well, these cats DO have claws!)

Ruby loves to go outside. So far she hasn't figured out about climbing over a fence. She won't on two sides because of neighbors' dogs. Since we don't leave her out alone, I'm not worried about it. What she loves most is to run from corner to corner, hiding in bushes as she gets to them. She seems to enjoy me chasing her when I'm ready to go inside again. She also discovered how to climb a tree (the birch near the veg. garden). That's more than Llyan has figured out. :^) (Llyan just wants to eat some grass and get back safe inside!)

Ruby also enjoys exploring the garage. We put a cat door in at the bottom of the stairs so we could keep the litter boxes out there. Right now it gives them access to the whole garage and I still have a lot of boxes out there. When it's warm enough, she'll find a high perch and sleep out there.

Here she is on a particular blanket she likes.

Ruby likes her mice. I recently got some catnip mice for her and Llyan.
This is the new mouse.

This is what it looked like a couple of days later.

And this is what it looked like when she was finished with it.

She looks sweet, but she's got a killer attitude, the little bugger.

Here are some pictures taken 8/24/06. Now that her person is away, she feels a bit lonely, but she's beginning to be freindly to me (which pisses Llyan off).Mouse over to see comments.
Ruby waking upRuby - 'What's up?'

Ruby 'What's that dog barking at?'Ruby - 'Guess I'll stretch on the roof.'

Ruby - 'Lose the camera!'Ruby - 'What's going on outside?'

Ruby - 'This isn't restful.'Ruby - 'These are sharp claws!'

Ruby - 'Okay, take my picture.'Ruby - 'Why is the grumpy cat here?'

These videos were taken on March 12, 2007.

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