"Anything I want?"
"Yes. Anything. Your wish is my command, as they say."

The young woman thought frantically. Only one wish, but it could
be anything. It couldn't be frivolous. She'd have to try to think of
possible consequences, too. Sometimes when you got what you wished for,
you ended up wishing you hadn't.

She looked at the rose the fairy had come from. A rose fairy. The fairy
himself didn't look like any fairy she'd ever seen in a book ar movie. He
looked, well, just like an ordinary young man--except tiny.

"What would you wish for?" she asked him.
"I don't know. A friend, maybe."
"Hmm...and you have only one wish to give, ever?" He really was kind of cute.
"Yes. I'm not a bottle genie or a fairy godmother. Just one shot at it.
Then back to the rose forever."
"Can my wish be complicated?" What would he be like as a regular human?
"I guess so."
"Okay. I wish you could be my best friend and all that that entails," She
requested emphatically, with a big grin.

At once, before her sat the handsomest dog she'd ever seen.
She thought he smiled at her.


I had too much fun at this site not to share it. I take credit only for the story above, but if you want to see how it might have been written, click here and copy the story into the text box there.

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