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I've always liked pretty stationery. Most of my letterwriting is online, now, so when I discovered stationery in Outlook Express I thought it was great. When I learned it could have sound and movement, that was even better! I've been playing with the "Create" button in Outlook Express ever since. This is where I'll post the stationery I've made. My non-computer pen pals don't know what they're missing (but I'm telling them!). Don't try to download from the view page or you won't get it all. Basically, these probably won't work in any program other than Outlook Express. You can try to use it in another program, but I don't know how it will work.

I've had to remove the stationery I had here because the images I used are no longer free to use. Eventually, I will do some with my own images and free clipart. For some really great e-mail stationery take a look at CloudEight Stationery

Click on the name under 'View' to see the page. Use your browser back button to return to this page.
To download, right click on the zip file and choose "Save Target As...".
Unzip the file to the stationery file.
If you have a lot of files you can make a "Fancy's Images" folder and unzip it like this.-->
If you do this you may need to edit the html file to make sure all the all the attachments are there since it will probably look for them in the Stationery file.
(When I get my editor to work right, I will have this fixed for you. E-mail me if you need help.)

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